Centers of Thought

Center for Unalienable Rights

The Center for Unalienable Rights is built around NRI senior fellow David French’s vast experience and legal expertise. It acts as a bastion for First Amendment freedom and thought at a time when the erosion of these rights seems to have reached a critical point.

Center for Religion, Culture, and Civil Society

National Review Institute’s Center for Religion, Culture, and Civil Society furthers William F. Buckley Jr.’s mission to bring conservative thought and ideals to a national audience by putting a special focus on personal faith and how it positively influences society and culture. The Center does this by hosting private, invitation-only salons for NRI members, intellectuals, and opinion-leaders, and giving them the opportunity to discuss critical issues of importance with NRI Senior Fellow Kathryn Jean Lopez.

Center for the Defense of Western Civilization

William F. Buckley Jr. advocated for a strong Western Civilization, free from threats against our freedoms. The National Review Institute has embraced the mission to stand athwart radicalism, yelling stop, with the creation of the Center for the Defense of Western Civilization, which will connect leading conservative intellectuals with loyal followers and supporters from across the nation, all with the sole aim of protecting a free society and defeating its determined foes. The Center’s work primarily focuses on two key NRI senior fellows Victor Davis Hanson and Andrew C. McCarthy.