Center for Unalienable Rights

William F. Buckley Jr. strongly believed that preserving the constitutional rights and liberties enshrined in our founding documents was fundamental to the success of the conservative project and devoted his life to this cause. National Review Institute carries on Buckley’s legacy of boldly fighting back against liberty’s staunchest opponents through The Center for Unalienable Rights.

The Center for Unalienable Rights was originally built around former senior fellow David French’s vast experience and legal expertise. It acts as a bastion for First Amendment freedom and thought at a time when the erosion of these rights seems to have reached a critical point. Under the auspices of the Center, David French reached targeted audiences around the country through his writing and events focused on free speech. Deploying French’s extensive experience spanning the conservative movement, the practice of law, academia, and a successful and decorated career serving our country, NRI positioned the Center for Unalienable Rights to win both battles that liberty and individual rights must fight: the battle of ideas and the battle on the ground.

Through the Center for Unalienable Rights, NRI has hosted numerous events to defend First Amendment rights on campuses, including Princeton University, Oklahoma University, and the University of Virginia, as well as partnering with liberty-minded organizations across the country, such as Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, National Constitution Center, and Illinois Policy Institute.