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Students Standing Athwart History

William F. Buckley Jr. speaks to students at the Pepperdine College Forum, May 1966. (c) University Archives Photograph Collection, Pepperdine University Special Collections and University Archives.

William F. Buckley Jr. began his career as a public intellectual by writing God and Man at Yale, a scathing critique of his alma mater and its growing bias towards secular collectivism. Buckley understood how vitally important well-informed young people are to the survival of our principles, and he frequently spoke on college campuses throughout his illustrious career to promote the principles of classical liberalism and limited government. It was Buckley’s unyielding dedication to these principles that united the freedom movement and launched conservatism back into the political mainstream.

In this spirit, National Review Institute brings the National Review mission to students through events on college campuses across the nation to learn about the principles and ideas of a free society and empowers them to “stand athwart history.” Through events, workshops, conferences, social media, and disseminating NR magazine, NRI reaches today’s students and future influencers with timeless conservative ideas rooted in Buckley’s own powerful campus legacy.

About On Campus Events

Though partnership with college groups, NRI brings National Review writers and NRI fellows to speak at college campuses around the country. Our on-campus events take different forms, including lectures, roundtable discussions, debates, and seminars designed to engage as many students as possible on each campus that we visit. In the past, we have hosted events on topics ranging from foreign policy to pro-life issues and free speech to cultural commentary and academic discrimination, among others.

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Complimentary National Review Subscription

William F. Buckley Jr., editor of National Review, holds a copy of the magazine. 1955 (c) Bettmann/Corbis / AP Images

National Review Institute is pleased to provide a complimentary digital subscription to National Review to college students who have a valid .edu email account. Email Manfred Wendt at for information on how to sign up!