Burke to Buckley Fellowship Program

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Burke to Buckley is a multi-session fellowship program that consists of in-person meetings around the country, as well as two levels of virtual courses. The program explores the foundations of conservative thought, among other topics, and builds networks of intellectually curious individuals. In-person programs take place in the fall and spring. Virtual courses take place in the summer. 

Burke to Buckley In-Person Programs

NRI’s in-person Burke to Buckley Fellowship Program currently operates in Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, and Silicon Valley. The program follows a syllabus that fosters a rigorous examination of conservative principles and how they apply to the issues of the day. For each session of the eight seminars, participants complete a reading assignment that they then discuss over dinner with a leading conservative thinker. The classes are composed of approximately 20 mid-career professionals (between 10 and 25 years of professional work experience). This program is not intended for recent graduates or people working in the fields of public policy or politics. Participants and alumni receive invitations to exclusive networking happy hours and other annual and regional events when they occur. They also receive a complimentary ticket to the Buckley Prize Dinner in the year that they participate in the program.


The fall programs generally run from mid-September to mid-November in Chicago, Dallas, and Silicon Valley.

The spring programs generally run from early February to mid-May in Miami, New York City, and Philadelphia.

Burke to Buckley Virtual Programs

Burke to Buckley 101 is a six-week virtual course with a shorter version of the syllabus used during the regular spring and fall programs. This course is not limited to mid-career professionals. Past discussion leaders have included Brian C. Anderson, Lee Edwards, Bobbi Herzberg, John Hillen, Daniel J. Mahoney, and John Yoo.

Burke to Buckley 201 is a six-week virtual course open to anyone who has completed 101 either virtually or in person. Professor Mahoney also developed the new syllabus for this dynamic second-level program that continues to foster substantive dialogue. Past discussion leaders have included William B. Allen, Daniel J. Mahoney, Joshua Mitchell, Vincent P. Muñoz, Diana Schaub, and Rev. Robert Sirico.

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