About the Program

William F. Buckley Jr. inspired generations of people through civil discourse, logical argument, and engaging persuasion. The WFB Communicators Program carries on this tradition of principled leadership by educating and equipping undergraduate and graduate students of journalism, marketing, communications, public relations, and advertising. Buckley described himself as having “engaged energetically in the world of language.” His commitment to civil discourse can compel a new generation studying and pursuing careers in the new and ever-changing field of communications to engage others thoughtfully and persuasively.


This conference will feature thought-provoking speakers addressing timely topics who will lead interactive sessions. Each session will include attendees in dynamic discussions or breakout group activities. 


Through this workshop, participants will learn to: 

  • Identify common ground and areas of cooperation with others, without sacrificing principles;
  • Demonstrate respect for a debate opponent by a civil exchange of views and a genuine tolerance for different ideas;
  • Persuasively advance and defend one’s viewpoint;
  • Recognize marketing biases and develop effective forms of advertising; and
  • Draw upon practical knowledge in the wide and varied field of communications, including reporting, public speaking, interviewing, podcasting, and marketing.

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Past Events

Workshop in Washington, DC | July 16, 2022

On July 16, undergraduate and graduate students of journalism, marketing, communications, public relations, and advertising gathered in Washington, D.C. to discuss Buckley’s philosophy on civil discourse, logical argument, and engaging persuasion. Speakers and topics included:

  • William F. Buckley Jr. and Civility with NRI fellow Jay Nordlinger
  • Responsible Advertising with Luke Bolar, chief external affairs officer at ClearPath
  • Writing about sensitive topics with Madeleine Kearns, staff writer at National Review and visiting fellow at Independent Women’s Forum- read the written adaptation of this talk here

Virtual Workshop | January 13, 2022

Students and young professionals joined us for a virtual, interactive workshop featuring industry Q&As with leading media talent and much more, including:

  • A discussion with Kevin D. Williamson and Grace Panetta on Reporting on Sensitive Topics
  • A special training on how to best utilize social media to communicate effectively
  • A talk from a leading expert in the marketing industry on responsible marketing and best practices

Conference in Arlington, VA | July 16 – 17, 2021

National Review Institute hosted its inaugural William F. Buckley Jr. Communicators Conference at the Crystal Gateway Marriott on July 16-17, 2021. We were pleased to welcome over 30 students, interns, and young professionals from across the US and were encouraged by the support and participation in this first time event.

Thank you to our generous sponsors and partners for helping make this event possible!