Books, Arts, and Manners

NRI sponsors National Review’s popular Books, Arts & Manners section—an explicitly nonpolitical section of the magazine. Since its founding, National Review has made coverage of and commentary on the culture an integral part of its mission. Bill Buckley had a deep understanding of the essential role of culture in realizing a life well lived. NRI has embraced this aspect of his legacy, hosting and supporting a variety of cultural events.

Regional Fellowship Programs

The goal of NRI’s Regional Fellows program is to introduce succeeding generations to the conservative movement’s most important thinkers, institutions, and writings, and to build a network of talented, like-minded individuals who can assist one another professionally and personally for years to come. Each class of Regional Fellows meets for a series of eight weeknight dinner seminars. The Regional Fellows program follows a syllabus that fosters a rigorous examination of conservative principles and how they apply to the issues of the day. Incorporating readings from Burke to Buckley, the syllabus focuses on the foundations of conservative thought.

Originally known as the NRI “Washington Fellows,” the program has been conducted in Washington, DC since 2009. In February 2014, with a new curriculum and new focus on mid-career professionals, the renamed Regional Fellows program expanded to New York City. In September 2014, NRI launched a chapter in Dallas, Texas and more chapters are in development.

The Buckley Legacy Project

The Buckley Legacy Project is designed to make Buckley’s writings on crucial, relevant topics accessible to NRI supporters, our friends and allies within the conservative movement, and, importantly, a new generation of citizens and intellectual leaders. As part of an archival project, NRI will amass Buckley’s writings in specific subject areas focused on editorial priorities and produce two to four booklets each year. The material, also sorted by historical anniversary and topic, will be promoted via social media. In this way, Buckley’s legacy will impact an even greater range of American citizens.

Centers of Thought

To house the important work being doing by the NRI fellows on a variety of topics, National Review Institute has created three though centers based on the writings and work of William F. Buckley: The Center for Unalienable Rights, the Center for Religion, Culture, and Society, and the Center for the Defense of Western Civilization.