Free markets are under more dangerous attack, whether legislatively or intellectually than they have been for decades. With every sign that this attack is going to intensify in the years to come and few signs of an effective pushback, NRI has collaborated with National Review to form National Review Capital Matters. This initiative includes a new section on featuring daily commentary and analysis on business, finance, and economics with a distinctly NR sensibility and complementary NRI-sponsored events, webinars, forums, and conference calls. In the same spirit that led William F. Buckley Jr. to found National Review, NRI is proud to collaborate on this new project to explain, defend, and celebrate capitalism. Through timely commentary from well-known financiers, economists, entrepreneurs, business people, and other specialists, the objective of this initiative is to change the terms of debate over our country’s economic future for the better. At the helm of this initiative is our newest fellow, Andrew Stuttaford, who had a long career in finance and has also been writing for National Review for decades, and Kevin Hassett, former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, who serves as NRCM senior adviser.

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National Review launches new economic liberty podcast, Capital Record on Jan. 28
Podcast featuring discussions on economics and finance is hosted by financier and National Review Institute trustee David L. Bahnsen

NEW YORK — On January 28, 2021, National Review (NR) launched a new weekly podcast, Capital Record, as part of NR Capital Matters. The podcast is hosted by financier David L. Bahnsen and features interviews with the nation’s top business leaders, entrepreneurs, investment professionals and financial and economic commentators.

Bahnsen and his guests will tackle issues such as developments in the capital markets, the dangers of socialism, building a pro-business climate, and the role of federal-government intervention in a free-market economy.

“Capital Record is not going to be a generic business podcast, or a run-of-the-mill markets and news podcast,” said Bahnsen, who founded and serves as managing partner of The Bahnsen Group, a private-wealth-management firm. “We want to interview the top thought leaders in finance, economics, business, and more with a specific agenda of defending free enterprise, affirming the need for robust capital markets, and resisting the undermining of the American dream.”

Bahnsen is known for his frequent guest appearances on Fox Business and CNBC and is annually recognized as one of the top advisors in the country by Barron’s, Forbes, and The Financial Times.

Capital Record is sponsored by National Review Institute as part of the Capital Matters initiative, which launched in July 2020 and has the mission of promoting and defending the market economy. It includes a new section on Capital Matters features daily commentary and analysis on business, finance, and economics with a distinctly NR sensibility and complementary NRI-sponsored events, webinars, forums, and conference calls.

“Capital Record is designed to expand what we are doing into a new medium, and, more specifically, to take advantage of the interview format to deepen the discussion we are trying to promote,” explained Capital Matters editor Andrew Stuttaford.

The first episode of Capital Record features a conversation with Kevin Hassett, senior adviser to National Review Capital Matters and Former Chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisors. They discuss the state of the economy, and how understanding what wealth is will alter your economic thinking.

Capital Record episodes are available on the NRCM website,, and all major podcast directories.


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