The Tenth Anniversary of William F. Buckley Jr.’s Passing

In Celebration of the Life and Legacy of the Founder of the Conservative Movement

To view coverage on NRI’s WFB legacy series and this memorable anniversary please click here.

February 2018 marked ten years since William F. Buckley Jr.’s passing. To celebrate his revered life and his powerful legacy, National Review Institute hosted half-day forums in cities across the country to reflect on Bill’s accomplishments and highlight the role of the NR mission today.

Around the country featuring:

L. Brent Bozell III • Richard Brookhiser • Matthew Continetti
Al Felzenberg • Dr. Edwin Feulner • Jack Fowler
David French • Jonah Goldberg • Victor Davis Hanson • Charles Kesler
Roger Kimball • Rush Limbaugh • Kathryn Jean Lopez
Richard Lowry • Andrew C. McCarthy • Jay Nordlinger • John O’Sullivan
Ramesh Ponnuru • Reihan Salam • John Yoo

These half-day conferences were part of our Buckley Legacy Project, which protects, promotes, and enhances the consequence and ongoing influence of our founder, William F. Buckley Jr. Launched in 2015, The Buckley Legacy Project is designed to make Buckley’s work on crucial, relevant topics accessible to our supporters, friends, and allies within the conservative movement. Through the Buckley Legacy Project, NRI promoted the republication of The Unmaking of a Mayor, partnered with the Hoover Institution to honor Firing Line’s Golden Anniversary, and has held several book events and discussions that further examine and remember Buckley’s honorable legacy.

We were pleased to bring this series of half-day conferences to our friends and supporters across the country.

2018 Cross-Country Tour Celebrating the WFB Legacy

  • February 6th: Palm Beach, FL
  • February 27th: New York, NY
  • March 1st: Washington, D.C.
  • March 6th: Dallas, TX
  • March 7th: Houston, TX
  •  March 27th: San Francisco, CA
  • March 28th: Newport Beach, CA
  •  April 12th: Chicago, IL

Remembering William F. Buckley Jr. (November 25, 1925 – February 27, 2008)