Upcoming Events

Dallas Regional Seminar

February 14

Houston Regional Seminar

February 15

Arizona Dinner with the Acton Institute featuring David L. Bahnsen and Jay Nordlinger

February 26

New York City Regional Seminar

March 6

Electric vehicles with Pacific Research Institute featuring Andrew Stuttaford

March 14

ESG debate with the University of Arizona in Tucson featuring Kevin Hassett

April 3
registration forthcoming

Chicago Regional Seminar

April 11

Newport Beach Regional Seminar

April 30

Silicon Valley Regional Seminar

May 1

WFB Communicators Program

July 12-13
registration forthcoming

Book event with the Declaration of Independence Center for the Study of American Freedom featuring Richard Brookhiser

September 4
registration forthcoming

NRI Alaska Cruise + Denali National Park

June 12-23

If you are interested in attending a donor event and would like to support NRI, please contact your local development officer.

Stephanie Cates, Southwest:, 480.286.2886
Margaret Farris, Florida:, 850.321.5346
Sherri Rowton, Southeast:, 334.332.0753
Jason Wise, Northwest:, 203.273.3628

About NRI Events

WFB Jr. Prize

For his entire life, Bill Buckley sought to preserve and buttress the foundations of our free society. To honor his achievement and inspire others, NRI’s Board of Trustees created the William F. Buckley Jr. Prizes for Leadership in Political Thought and Leadership in Supporting Liberty. Notable public intellectuals, philanthropists, and leaders in the conservative movement attend to show support for our honorees, Bill Buckley’s enduring legacy, and the National Review mission.

Ideas Summit

NRI’s Ideas Summit is a biennial conference that brings together leading public intellectuals, conservative leaders and policymakers, and philanthropists to discuss topics related to conservatism and the American experiment. Around 500 donors, movement leaders, students, and young professionals attend this two-day conference.

Regional Seminars

NRI began these half-day Regional Seminars in 2018 to bring NR’s top talent out around the country to directly engage our friends, allies, and supporters. The Regional Seminars complement the Institute’s biennial Ideas Summit, which is normally held in Washington, D.C. and bring together conservatives from all corners of America.


Beginning in 2022, NRI is continuing National Review’s 20-year tradition of memorable cruises.

Regional Partnership Events

Part of NRI’s mission is to “draw from and support other conservative institutions.” In that spirit, in December 2013, NRI began this initiative to co-sponsor events with state-based think tanks, civic groups, and other educational organizations across the United States. National Review Institute partners with organizations to co-host regional events across the country that feature NR’s top talent. By co-sponsoring these events, NRI and local groups are able to meet each other’s friends and supporters and introduce them to NR writers. NRI’s Regional Partnership Events program aims to both strengthen partner groups and build a larger National Review community around the country. It is a strategic—and mutually beneficial—relationship that invigorates the conservative movement at the grassroots level.


In 1966, Buckley took his conservative message beyond the pages of National Review and directly to the American public. Through Firing Line, for over three decades he influenced the millions of Americans who tuned in weekly for intelligent discussion—of key events, of core principles, and of leading policy makers—between powerful voices on the Left and Right. In partnership with the Hoover Institution Library and Archives, NRI celebrated the 50th anniversary of Firing Line and the Buckley legacy in three cities: Dallas, New York, and Washington, D.C. Our kickoff partnership event was held at Harlan Crow’s new Debate Chamber on the Old Parkland campus located in Dallas. True to Buckley’s legacy, this series of events provided a forum for civilized debate and discussion—lessons that important legacy still teaches us today. We are pleased to continue our partnership with Old Parkland.