September 30, 2014   |   Washington, D.C.

NRI co-hosted two panel discussions on “Strengthening Society: What Progress on Life Can Teach Us for Challenges Facing the Family” with The Heritage Foundation. NRI Senior Fellow Kathryn Jean Lopez, who contributed to Heritage’s 2014 Index of Culture and Opportunity, served as a moderator. Video

September 11, 2014   |   Lansing, MI

NRI sponsored keynote speaker Kevin D. Williamson at a luncheon hosted by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. Williamson is National Review‘s roving correspondent and, as of June 2014, the Director of the William F. Buckley Jr. Fellowship in Political Journalism at NRI. His talk was titled “After Leviathan.” Info

June 24, 2014  |  Cleveland, OH

NRI partnered with Ohio think tanks the Ashbrook Center and the Buckeye Institute to host “An Evening with Jonah Goldberg.” Mr. Goldberg is the founding editor of National Review Online, a contributing editor to National Review, and a Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. He joined NRI as an Adjunct Fellow in June 2014. Video

June 18, 2014  |  London, England

NRI served as the US media partner for the Centre for Policy Studies‘ Margaret Thatcher Conference on Liberty 2014. NRI Senior Fellow John O’Sullivan chaired panels on “The EU and Big Corporations: Are they ganging up against liberty and its protector, the nation state?” and “Has the West gone soft? 25 years on from the fall of the Berlin Wall.” NRI Adjunct Fellow Jonah Goldberg participated in a panel and Google+ hangout on “New Media and Liberty”. Photos, video, and coverage.

June 17, 2014   |   Irvine, CA

NRI Senior Fellow and former top federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy spoke about his new book, Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama’s Impeachment, at this special event hosted by the Lincoln Club of Orange County and cosponsored by National Review Institute.

March 19, 2014  |  Kansas City, MO

National Review roving correspondent Kevin D. Williamson at the Kansas City Public Library, an event co-presented by National Review Institute. Williamson discussed the intersection of language and politics, as well as his book, The End is Near And It’s Going to Be Awesome (Broadside Books), in which he argues that innovative solutions to various social problems are emerging from the failure of politics and government. Video