Few Americans have any understanding of the degree to which the Constitution’s safeguards are being whittled away . . . We need to remind them of their existence and hammer home the urgent need to bring the administrative state under effective constitutional control. That will be anything but easy, but it has to be done.
– James L. Buckley

We were pleased to bring our 2024 “Foundations of Freedom” Regional Seminars to cities across the country.

The United States Constitution is the foundation of the American republic, and the best governing document created by man. The safeguards it provides will be protected only as long as the citizenry continues to understand and respect them. Seminar speakers included top NR talent, constitutional scholars, and conservative thought leaders. Conservative voices and ideas can help shape our national discourse and expand constitutional literacy, which unfortunately is sorely lacking among our fellow citizens.

Conservatives from all corners of America, including generous donors and movement leaders, attended these events. Our guests had an opportunity to connect with other conservatives from their areas who share the values of the NR enterprise, including constitutional government, free enterprise, moral bedrocks, a strong defense, love of country, and defending Western Civilization.

Thank you to those who joined us for these events. If you have any questions about our Regional Seminars or other events and programs, please email events@nrinstitute.org.

Series Speakers

Janice Rogers Brown | John Buser | Charles C. W. Cooke | Lindsay Craig | Allen Guelzo | Allyson Ho | Charles Kesler | Rich Lowry | Heather Mac Donald | Karol Markowicz | Andrew C. McCarthy | Dan McLaughlin | Michael B. Mukasey | Brian Murdock | Vice President Mike Pence | Ramesh Ponnuru | Ilya Shapiro | Father Robert Sirico | Will Swaim | Peter J. Travers | Kristen Waggoner | John Yoo 


Palm Beach: January 29

Dallas: February 14

Houston: February 15

New York City: March 6

Chicago: April 11

Newport Beach: April 30

Silicon Valley: May 1


Thank you to our sponsors!

Wendy and Dale Brott

Alliance Defending Freedom

John Cox/Rescue Education Foundation
Lewis Family Charitable Foundation
Kenin M. Spivak/Apricity Foundation


HEYCO Energy Group
Virginia James
Linda and Gerard Jensen

Penny and Bob Young

Erika and John Ammirati
J. Robert Arnett II
Barbara and Hans Bergstrom
Donald Best
Patricia and Philip Bilden
Janet and Brad Childers
Ed Conard
Deborah and Fred Concklin
Ryan McCorvie
Gigi and John Dalsheim
Mark Darby and Cheryl LeJune
Rachel and Pat English
Michael Grebe
Carole and John Horton
Diane and Steve Parrish
Amy and William Roth
Kelli and Allen Questrom
George Randle and Lisa Schreiber
Karan and Alec Taylor
Dick Weekley
Catherine Barr Windels

The American Federalism Project – Roman Buhler, Director
Gigi and Michael Brakey
Timothy Busch
David Cavicke
Howard Chapman
Laura and Peter Claude

CottageCare, Inc.
Kathy and Harlan Crow
Diana and James Cusser

Margarita and Ron Farmer
Lynne and Michael Frawley

Cheyanne and Brandt Leibe
Benton Mathis
Martha and Marvin McMurrey
Doug Schneider
Paul Schott Stevens
John Tobola and Dolores Cavatore
Viento Dios Family Foundation