December 7 | Breaking into Journalism as a Conservative | Virtual Event
Featuring Kevin D. Williamson
Co-hosted with Lone Conservative

December 1 | The Role of Conservative Journalists in Economic Policy | Virtual Event
Featuring Andrew Stuttaford and Daniel Tenreiro
Co-hosted with the George Mason University Economic Society

November 19 | Does Title IX Really Benefit Women? | Virtual Event
Featuring Inez Feltscher Stepman, Madeleine Kearns, and Alexandra DeSanctis
Co-hosted with Independent Women’s Forum

September 17 |The Legacy of William F. Buckley Jr. and Debating Civilly| Virtual Event
Featuring Jay Nordlinger

July 21-23rd | William F. Buckley Jr. Journalism Workshop | Virtual Event
Session One: “William F. Buckley Jr. and Civility: The History of Conservative Journalism in America” Featuring John J. Miller, Kevin D. Williamson, and Special Guest Rich Lowry
Session Two: “Orwell and Opinion Journalism” Featuring John J. Miller
Session Three: “Fact-Based Reporting in an Era of Cancel Culture” Featuring Kevin D. Williamson

May 13th | School Year Wrap Up | Virtual Event
“Founding Father William F. Buckley Jr. and his Legacy” Featuring Ramesh Ponnuru
Co-hosted with Young America’s Foundation

February 26-29th | CPAC 2020 | National Harbor, MD
“National Review Institute Booth” with Clare Ath
Co-hosted with the American Conservative Union

February 24th | Trinity University | San Antonio, TX
“The Smallest Minority Book Talk” featuring Kevin Williamson
Co-hosted with ISI and Young Conservatives of Texas

January 27th | Georgetown University | Washington, D.C.
“Give Me Liberty: A History of America Book Talk” featuring Richard Brookhiser
Co-hosted with the College Republicans

January 13th | Arizona State University | Tempe, AZ
“The Smallest Minority Book Talk” featuring Kevin Williamson
Co-hosted with the College Republicans