We were pleased to bring our “Creating Opportunity” half-day conferences to our friends and supporters across the country this spring. Our 2022 event series featured panel discussions and one-on-one conversations that make the moral and practical case for free enterprise.

In addition to raising critical funds for NRI, these events provided an opportunity to build the NR Nation and connect with conservatives from diverse backgrounds who are inspired to protect and preserve a market-oriented system and, more generally, our free society. Last hosted in 2018 because all but one of our 2020 seminars were canceled, we are especially grateful to have had the opportunity to host this cross-country tour once again! 

Notable speakers included: William B. Allen, David L. Bahnsen, Jack Brewer, Dale R. Brott, John Buser, Veronique de Rugy, Kevin Hassett, Lance Izumi, Pano Kanelos, Rich Lowry, Karol Markowicz, Andrew C. McCarthy, Jay Nordlinger, Andrew Puzder, Amity Shlaes, Andrew Stuttaford, Will Swaim, Peter J. Travers, and Kevin D. Williamson.


New York 




Silicon Valley

Newport Beach