“Socialize the individual’s surplus and you socialize his spirit and creativeness;
you cannot paint the Mona Lisa by assigning one dab each to a thousand painters.”
– William F. Buckley Jr.,
 Up From Liberalism

We’re back on the road with National Review Institute’s biennial Regional Seminars!

This year’s event series, titled “Creating Opportunity,” will feature panel discussions and one-on-one conversations that make the moral and practical case for free enterprise.

Notable speakers include William B. Allen, David L. Bahnsen, Jack Brewer, Dale R. Brott, John Buser, Veronique De Rugy, Kevin Hassett, Pano Kanelos, Rich Lowry, Karol Markowicz, Andrew C. McCarthy, Andrew Puzder, Amity Shlaes, Andrew Stuttaford, and Kevin D. Williamson.

The series of half-day conferences is slated for seven cities across the country: Palm Beach, Newport Beach, Silicon Valley, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, and New York City. In addition to raising critical funds for NRI, this event series provides an opportunity to build the NR Nation, conservatives from diverse backgrounds who are inspired to protect and preserve a market-oriented system and, more generally, our free society. Last hosted in 2018 because all but one of our 2020 seminars were canceled, we are especially grateful to host this cross-country tour once again! We hope you will support our efforts, and pass information along to your friends, family, and colleagues who might be interested.

This year, our program will feature both keynote addresses and discussion panels on creating opportunity through free-market policies and high-quality education. Presenters will include a mix of National Review writers, prominent conservatives, and local entrepreneurs who can speak to the importance of upward mobility. Economic freedom and education are particularly important topics in this time of post-pandemic recovery. Americans across the country are grappling with the consequences of dramatic inflation, crippling supply-chain issues, and capricious school closures that have led to millions of our children falling behind. NRI has an important role advocating for policies that strike a sensible balance between safeguarding public health and preserving our delicate system of ordered liberty. Conservative voices and ideas can help shape our national discourse, for the better.

Join us!
Please contact Peter Johnson at peter@nrinstitute.org if you have any questions or would like him to call you with additional information.

Palm Beach | February 16 Register Here
Newport Beach | March 2 Register Here
Silicon Valley | March 3 Register Here
Dallas | March 30 Register Here
Houston | March 31
Chicago | April 12
New York | May 2

Tickets are $250 and we have several sponsorship opportunities, beginning at $1,000. With a $5,000+ sponsorship, you will receive an invitation to our private dinner with speakers.