Longform Journalism Fund

As part of a series of strategic growth objectives for 2025, NRI launched a new fund to support longform journalism in National Review and increase the portfolio of notable, outside talent who write for the magazine. The fund covers the writers’ fees to produce in-depth essays on a broad range of important topics. To maximize the impact of each piece, NRI arranges media promotion and special virtual events with the authors.



“The Modern Quest for Immortality” by Lionel Shriver
“How Shakespeare Changed Everything” by Daniel Hannan
“Life After Climate Change” by Bjørn Lomborg


“Tech Warfare With Chinese Characteristics” by Klon Kitchen
“Why I Keep Getting Mistaken for a Conservative” by Kat Rosenfield
“We Still Need Economic Growth” by Glenn Hubbard
“Eyes Wide Shut” by Ruy Teixeira


“Preserving the Warrior Ethos” by H. R. McMaster
“Life after Capitalism” by George Gilder
“Bill de Blasio and the Decline of New York City” by John Podhoretz
“The Inequality of ‘Equity’” by Christopher Caldwell


“Blue Today, Bluer Tomorrow” by Joel Kotkin
“Ibram X. Kendi, Prophet of Anti-racism” by Christopher Caldwell
“China Unquarantined” by Daniel Blumenthal and Nicholas Eberstadt
“The Code and the Key” by David Mamet
“Why We Must Teach Western Civilization” by Andrew Roberts
“American Foreign and Defense Policy: Between Scylla and Charybdis” by Mark Helprin