June 2 | Virtual Event: Thoughts on A Life Worth Living: A Conversation with Archbishop Charles J. Chaput and Kathryn Jean Lopez | WATCH HERE 

April 12 | Virtual Event: The Future of Conservatism with Ramesh Ponnuru and Amy Cooke. WATCH HERE

March 11 | Virtual Event: The devastating power of teacher unions with NRI fellow Jay Nordlinger. Co-hosted by Illinois Policy Institute. WATCH HERE

March 19 | Virtual Event: I Am With You: Lessons of Hope and Courage in Times of Crisis. Co-hosted with the Sheen Center. WATCH HERE

February 24 | Virtual Event: Evaluating the Impact of Biden’s Energy Policy with Kevin Hassett and Paul Gessing. Co-hosted by the Rio Grande Foundation.

January 26 | Virtual Event: What Does It Mean to Be Human? A Conversation with O. Carter Snead. Co-hosted by the Sheen Center. WATCH HERE