Relive every moment of the 2015 Ideas Summit by accessing videos of the presentations, Summit Agenda, biographies of the participants, and our thank you to our generous sponsors who made the Summit possible.

Since 1993, National Review Institute has hosted a major post-election conservative summit, where leading policy makers and thinkers gather for discussion and presentations. The 2015 Summit retained some elements from our previous summits, including great energy and media coverage, but with a new format. It featured individual speeches, interviews and panel discussions.

Politicians featured in discussions included

Governor Jeb Bush   |  Senator Tom Cotton
Carly Fiorina | Governor Bobby Jindal
Governor John Kasich | Senator Marco Rubio
Representative Paul Ryan | Senator Ben Sasse

along with:

Adam Bellow   |    Jeremy Boreing    |   Alison Fraser
Daniel Garza    |   Pete Hegseth    |   Heather Higgins
Ayaan Hirsi Ali   | Frederick W. Kagan | Dr. Charles Krauthammer
Larry Kudlow    |   Yuval Levin    |   Frayda Levy  |  Eric Metaxas
Heather MacDonald    |  Jennifer Marshall | Stephen Moore
William Mumma | James Pethokoukis  | John Podhoretz


Rich Lowry and National Review writers

Mona Charen |  Charlie Cooke  |  John Fund
Jim Geraghty   |  Jonah Goldberg
Eliana Johnson | Rob Long  |  Kathryn Jean Lopez
Andrew C. McCarthy  |  John O’Sullivan
Ramesh Ponnuru  | Reihan Salam
Matt Spalding  | Ed Whelan | Kevin D. Williamson

Highlights of this consequential conference included speeches, one-on-one interviews, in-depth panel discussions, and a special evening at George Washington’s Mount Vernon. This biennial conference was a unique opportunity to hear from and talk with leading conservatives on the state of the movement, the critical 2016 elections, and the new, innovative, and winning ways lawmakers, policymakers, and creators are proposing to promote liberty and reverse the growth of government.

Themes included

  • Ethnicity, Class, Religion, Gender—How Will Freedom Handle Diversity?
  • Will Technology Be a Friend to Freedom? Or an Enemy?
  • The Influence of Popular Culture
  • The Moral Foundations of a Free Society
  • A Conservative Foreign Policy
  • The Free-Market Future

National Review
Ideas Summit 2015
Thursday, April 30 – Saturday, May 2
Willard InterContinental Hotel
1401 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC