Center for the Defense of Western Civilization

Center for the Defense of Western Civilization | National Review Institute


William F. Buckley Jr. advocated for a strong Western Civilization, free from threats against our liberties. Indeed, at Buckley’s last official National Review board meeting, held in late 2007, he explicitly and dramatically tasked directors with making a consistent and relentless fight against Islamic terrorism and extremism a top priority. Inspired by Mr. Buckley’s call, and by current events, National Review Institute has embraced the mission to stand athwart radicalism, yelling stop, with the creation of the Center for the Defense of Western Civilization, which connects leading conservative intellectuals with loyal followers and supporters from across the nation, all with the sole aim of protecting a free society and defeating its determined foes. The Center primarily focuses on the work of the following NRI senior fellows: Andrew C. McCarthy, John O’Sullivan, and Douglas Murray.

Mr. Buckley founded National Review in 1955 in large part to provide a locus of intelligent opposition to communism, which he called “the century’s most blatant force of satanic utopianism.” While the Soviet threat resides in history’s dustbin, helped put there by NR, the prescient Buckley legacy of articulating a strong and forceful defense of America and Western civilization against other foes, whether it be a threat from radical Islam, multiculturalism, or some other germinating threat, continues, with a special determination and focus, through NRI’s Center for the Defense of Western Civilization.


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