“The Smallest Minority” Book Launch

Join us at the NR/NRI office to celebrate the publication of Kevin D. Williamson’s
The Smallest Minority: Independent Thinking in the Age of Mob Politics
(Regnery Publishing, July 23, 2019)

​Thursday, July 25
6:00 – 7:30 PM

Featuring the author, Kevin D. Williamson

NR/NRI Offices
19 W. 44th Street, Suite 1701
New York, NY 10036

Light refreshments provided
Books will be available for purchase


“He’s not one of the most talented conservative writers in America. He’s one of the most talented writers in America.”
(Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic)

“…and that’s why he can’t work here.”
(Also Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic)

“Shocking and brutal…also intellectually honest.”
(Ruth Marcus, Washington Post)

“An extremist.”
(Ross Douthat, New York Times)

(Rich Lowry, National Review)


Reader beware: Kevin D. Williamson—the lively, literary firebrand from National Review who was too hot for The Atlantic to handle—comes to bury democracy, not to praise it. With electrifying honesty and spirit, Williamson takes a flamethrower to mob politics, the “beast with many heads” that haunts social media and what currently passes for real life. It’s destroying our capacity for individualism and dragging us down “the Road to Smurfdom, the place where the deracinated demos of the Twitter age finds itself feeling small and blue.”

The Smallest Minority is by no means a memoir, though Williamson does reflect on that “tawdry little episode” with The Atlantic in which he became all too intimately acquainted with mob outrage and the forces of tribalism.

Rather, this book is a dizzying tour through a world you’ll be horrified to recognize as your own. With biting appraisals of social media (“an economy of Willy Lomans”), political hustlers (“that certain kind of man or woman…who will kiss the collective ass of the mob”), journalists (“a contemptible union of neediness and arrogance”), and identity politics (“identity is more accessible than policy, which requires effort”), The Smallest Minority is a defiant, funny, and terrifyingly insightful book about what we human beings have done to ourselves.