Fund Appeal

From all of us at National Review Institute . . . 

Thank you for your generous support of our End-of-Year Fund Appeal!

As the calendar winds down to the final days of 2018, many people will consider and resolve to make special choices for charitable giving. We encourage you to consider NRI as a recipient for your generosity. If for no other reason than this: Its powerful array of fellows make NRI America’s premier conservative journalism think tank. The collective wisdom and influence of these fellows – each one a writer of great talent and persuasiveness – are key to the defense of the principles you cherish and hope to see propagated, now and for future generations. With your selfless support, we will continue to carry out this mission, which has been especially entrusted to us by Institute founder William F. Buckley Jr. Please make your generous, tax-deductible end-of-year contribution to National Review Institute here

You may have seen on that the fellows have written a series of pieces on what NRI means to them—you  can read them below. They are great reads and make a compelling case for why you should consider helping us reach our $250,000 year-end fundraising goal. 

Reihan Salam — “Bringing Us to You and You to Us
Richard Brookhiser — “Books and the Buckley Mission
Ramesh Ponnuru — “Support Our Writers, Support Conservatism
Theodore Kupfer — “Help Support Our Rising Stars
Jonah Goldberg — “By Any Means Necessary (Within Reason)”
Andrew C. McCarthy — “An Array of Brilliant Thinkers”
John O’Sullivan — “Become One of Our VIPS”
Kathryn Jean Lopez — “Another NRI Focus: Adoption and Foster Care”
Jay Nordlinger — “I Believe in the Thing”
Jack Fowler —  “The Marshall Plan to Help NRI,” and “Johnny Cash Is Singing NRI’s Song”
Madeleine Kearns —  “National Review Institute Defends American Culture”
David French — “Your Declaration of Our Independence”



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