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Dear Friends and Supporters,

My colleague and friend, Jack Fowler, often remarks that the world is a better place because of National Review. Jack is correct in this sentiment. For over 60 years NR has been to the Conservative movement what the Constitution is to our Republic: Indispensable. In 1991, Bill Buckley founded National Review Institute, the journalistic think tank that complements the mission of NR magazine by supporting and promoting NR’s best talent. As 2018 concludes, NRI is more influential than ever before—supporting the NRI fellows and reaching more people with the National Review mission.

As you read our enclosed end-of-year newsletter, I hope you will be encouraged and inspired by our work promoting conservative ideas. Every day, we preserve and promote William F. Buckley Jr.’s legacy and advance the conservative principles he championed. Our NRI fellows represent the very best of Buckley’s indomitable spirit and carry on his manifold efforts on behalf of the movement. We know with confidence that Buckley’s message of a positive, forward-looking conservatism and bringing people together is both needed and desired. Our promise to you is this: We will carry on our founder’s legacy and fight for all that is good, and true, and allows us to live in a free and prosperous society.

As Buckley often remarked, “National Review is a magazine of politics . . . and culture.” In that spirit, NRI is proud to support the Books, Arts & Manners section of the magazine, and we encourage you to check out the newly expanded version on where all articles on Books, Music, Art, and Film & TV are aggregated.

We are grateful for your generous support of the Institute. Your contribution is a worthwhile investment in our movement. We are excited about our work in the year ahead as well as for our current office campaign. Our new workspace in Midtown Manhattan for NR Inc. and NRI is complete with custom-built display cases highlighting NR and WFB memorabilia, a flexible event space, and a professional podcast studio. We hope to meet our goal by year’s end!

Thank you for your friendship and support of our mission.                                                                          






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National Review Institute is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), journalistic think tank, established to advance the conservative principles William F. Buckley Jr. championed, and complement the mission of National Review magazine by supporting and promoting NR’s best talent. All contributions to it are deductible for income, gift, and estate tax purposes. EIN# 13-3649537