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Below is the National Review Institute 2017 Mid-Year Newsletter. In this newsletter, we wanted to strike a balance—highlighting NRI’s impactful work over the last six months, while previewing some of our exciting plans for the next six. I hope that as you read it, you’ll be as encouraged as we are about both what we’re doing and where we are headed, and that you’ll consider renewing your support of the Institute with a tax-deductible contribution today. 

Supporting the NRI fellows and amplifying their message is our main focus. They are among the top conservative talent in the nation. These fellows participate in NRI conferences and events, lead Regional Fellows seminar sessions, pursue various intellectual projects, and spearhead NRI’s thought centers. Most of our resources are devoted to funding their work and taking their ideas to areas of the country that need to hear their liberty-affirming message.

The Institute’s programs and events are strategically planned to bring NR talent to targeted regions across the country. Regional partnership events connect NRI supporters, NR subscribers, and NRO readers to like-minded state and regional organizations close to home. NRI On Campus events bring William F. Buckley Jr.’s style of positive and engaging conservatism to college students who are painfully starved of it in their classes. NRI also hosts various events—including debates, book signings, and anniversary celebrations—as part of our Buckley Legacy Project.

This country needs the diverse, principled conservative opinions and insights of NRI’s fellows. It needs writers and thinkers who will generate debate, fearlessly defend liberty, and educate Americans in the founding principles of their country. Their work is mostly funded by the generosity of individual supporters. I hope you’ll join us by supporting these efforts with a tax-deductible contribution today.

Together, we will continue to preserve and promote the legacy of William F. Buckley Jr. and advance the conservative principles that he championed. Thank you in advance for your support.


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Lindsay Young Craig

Learn more about NRI’s programs, accomplishments, and recent growth in the below Mid-Year Newsletter.

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