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Dear Friends and Supporters,

The growth of National Review Institute over the past two years helped lay the groundwork for a major institutional transformation. On August 1, 2015, NRI and National Review underwent a significant reorganization: the magazine and website—corporately, National Review, Inc.—became a wholly owned subsidiary of National Review Institute.

This is good—very good—not only for NRI, but also for National Review. This organizational transition will allow NR to remain consequential for decades to come and allow it to do what it does best—publish hard-hitting, thoughtful, and witty pieces from today’s best conservative writers.

I am pleased to report that in 2015 NRI produced some impressive numbers. For example, NRI:

  • Sponsored 32 partnership events, in 23 cities and 14 states
  • Launched a new Campus Outreach Program to engage college students with eight events in this past fall
  • Launched a new Buckley Legacy Project, making available to new audiences the very best of Buckley’ s writings
  • Conducted three Regional Fellows Programs—in D.C., New York, and Dallas— welcoming into the NR family 54 new program alumni
  • Supported two William F. Buckley Jr. Fellows in Political Journalism
  • Hosted a dozen  private luncheon salons in New York City with public intellectuals and media
  • Conducted a three-day Ideas Summit in Washington D.C. with over 250 participants
  • Held the 2nd annual William Buckley Jr. Prize Dinner in Dallas, raising over $1.22 million for the Institute’s programs
  • Welcomed into our fold 2,120 new donors to the Institute
  • Recognized 495 members of the 1955 Society— committed supporters who annually give $1,000 or more to NRI

But it is more than just numbers. We at NRI are building long-lasting, significant relationships with NR’s loyal friends and supporters. We consider those involved with the Institute to be like family.

We are grateful to everyone in the NR family for all you do to support NRI’s mission. We are only getting started and with your continued support, we will accomplish great things together.


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Lindsay Young Craig
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