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Dear Friends and Supporters,

This past year was certainly a momentous one. We will likely long remember 2016 as a year marked by much uncertainty and upheaval.

During such times, it is paramount that we conservatives—both individuals and institutions—remain grounded and steadfast, committed to the principles that sustain a free society. As an organization that bears the iconic and influential name of the magazine that William F. Buckley Jr. founded over 60 years ago, we are cognizant of the central role that NRI plays in promoting principled conservatism.

NRI is proud to defend the intelligent, sensible brand of conservatism that our founder fought so hard to advance. This is our charge and it is one that we embrace wholeheartedly as we seek to help reunify the broader conservative movement.

To this end, this past year we strengthened our eight core programs, partnered with key allies, and reached an increased number of our fellow citizens, helping educate them about the principles of a free society. I am pleased to share with you that, in line with our strategic plan, this past year NRI accomplished the following:

  • Sponsored 17 targeted partnership events with allies and partner groups around the country.
  • Hosted 24 events as part of the Institute’s new NRI On Campus Program
  • Brought NR talent to 27 cities in 16 different states
  • Commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of Firing Line with events in Dallas, New York City, and Washington, D.C., that featured civilized debate on timely topics from some of today’s most insightful thinkers
  • Expanded the Regional Fellows Program to San Francisco—now in four cities, the program welcomed 68 new program alumni into the NRI family just this year
  • Supported two William F. Buckley Jr. Fellows in Political Journalism
  • Hosted a dozen  private luncheon salons in New York City with public intellectuals and media
  • Held the third annual William Buckley Jr. Prize Dinner in Dallas, raising over $1 million for the Institute’s programs
  • Welcomed into our fold 1,818 new donors to the Institute
  • Recognized 553 members of the 1955 Society
  • Hosted eight luncheon salons in Dallas, New York City, and Washington, D.C.

This remains a vital time for the Institute, for conservatism, indeed, for our nation. As such, NRI will continue to focus resources on strengthening the broader NR community and bringing conservatives together. We believe that Bill Buckley’s principled, positive, and powerful vision is needed now more than ever. NRI is well positioned to share that vision with others, and we intend to do just that.

We are grateful to our many friends around the country who stand with us in this effort. Thank you for all that you do to advance our shared beliefs.


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Lindsay Young Craig

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