Center for Religion, Culture, and Civil Society

William F. Buckley Jr. brought conservative thought and ideals to a national audience. National Review Institute’s Center for Religion, Culture, and Civil Society furthers this mission by connecting various conservatives to followers across the country, putting a special focus on personal faith and how it positively influences society and culture. The Center does this by hosting private, invitation-only salons for NRI members, intellectuals, and opinion-leaders, and giving them the opportunity to discuss critical issues of importance with NRI Senior Fellow Kathryn Jean Lopez; hosting meetings that unite religious and conservative leaders, working together on specific issues involving an array of policy issues; and representing NRI at key conferences and gatherings. The purpose of the Center is in the tradition of Mr. Buckley’s life of faith, which enlivened his undertaking with a passionate commitment to virtue, to human life and dignity and to liberty against any whisper of godlessness or tyranny that threatened these religious principles.

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June 28, 2016:
 “It’s Dangerous to Believe: Religious Freedom and Its Enemies” book discussion, co-hosted with The Heritage Foundation and featuring Kathryn Jean Lopez, Ryan T. Anderson, Ph.D., and author Mary Eberstadt. Info and video here.

May 11, 2016: “Next Steps for Addressing ISIS Genocide,” co-hosted with The Heritage Foundation. Info and video here.

March 15, 2016: A conversation on women and flourishing featuring Heather Higgins, Jennifer Marshall, and Kathryn Jean Lopez

January 20, 2016: Former Texas Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson and Kathryn Jean Lopez on radical mercy in Washington, D.C., convening national leaders just before the March for Life.

December 3, 2015: “Christian Martyrs Today: Help for the Persecuted,” co-hosted with The Heritage Foundation. Info and here.

October 29, 2015: “Beyond Planned Parenthood- Alternatives for Women,” co-hosted with The Heritage Foundation. Info and video here.

October 26, 2015: Archbishop William E. Lori and Kathryn Jean Lopez on Pope Francis’s recent historic visit to the United States and his discussion of marriage, family, and religious liberty in America.

September 22, 2015: 
Helen Alvaré and Kathryn Jean Lopez on the future of marriage and family, the Humanum approach, Pope Francis’s visit and how it might work to renew family life and our public conversations about it in the United States.

September 17, 2015: “Papal Visit Discussion on Marriage and Family,” co-hosted with The Heritage Foundation, featuring Ryan T. Anderson, C.C. Pecknold, and Roger Severino.

August 27, 2015: Austen Ivereigh (author of The Great Reformer) and Francis X. Maier on Pope Francis in America.

July 15, 2015: Robert P. George and Kirsten Powers (author of The Silencing) on free speech and religious liberty in NYC.

May 2, 2015: Conversation with Bill Mumma (Becket Fund for Religious Liberty) and Eric Metaxas and “Moral Foundations of a Free Society” panel at the NRI 2015 Ideas Summit.

March 30, 2015: “Living Life to Its Fullest: Supporting the Sick and Elderly in their Most Vulnerable Hours,” co-hosted with The Heritage Foundation. Info and video here.

February 3, 2015: New York City Salon featuring Eric Metaxas, Sean Fieler, and Mona Charen.

January 20, 2015: “Welcoming Every Life: Choosing Life after an Unexpected Prenatal Diagnosis,” featuring a keynote address from Carly Fiorina, co-hosted with The Heritage Foundation. Info and video here.

September 30, 2014: “Strengthening Society: What Progress on Life Can Teach Us for Challenges Facing the Family,” co-hosted with The Heritage Foundation. Info and video here.


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