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Join us Virtually!

Each year, National Review Institute hosts dozens of events across the country to provide opportunities for our supporters and friends to engage with NR‘s top talent. Due to the circumstances, we’ve had to postpone all upcoming events, but want to ensure that our supporters continue to have access to our content—the critical work put forth by NRI fellows and leading conservative thinkers. This is even more important in these challenging times!

Below you will find a variety of options to engage with us in a virus-free way. We hope you will join us virtually!

Please note that the movie club, book club, and 1955 Society Calls are for our supporters who give at the $250 level and up.
We hope you will consider giving a tax-deductible gift to National Review Institute, the non-profit journalistic think tank that supports the NR mission, to join us for our next book club beginning on Monday and the other virtual programs listed below! 


2020 Virtual Seminars

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, National Review Institute will no longer host the Regional Seminar series scheduled for Newport Beach (3/24), San Francisco (3/25), Chicago (4/2), Dallas (4/14), Houston (4/15), New York (5/11), and Philadelphia (5/12). We regret that we will not be able to bring this program to you at this time.

However, we do have virus-free portions of our seminars to share with you. So you don’t miss out, two panel discussions from our program were recorded. The Perennial Fight Against Socialism (featuring John O’Sullivan and Madeleine Kearns) and The Importance of Culture (featuring Kevin D. Williamson and Jay Nordlinger) are available for you to listen to HERE. We hope that this special, one-time podcast version of our program will allow our friends and supporters from across the country to hear from our fellows on these important topics as we had intended.

Faith and Culture Leaders Forums 

NRI’s Center for Religion, Culture, and Civil Society is pleased to present our Faith and Culture Leaders Series, which is part of our virus-free forums. Kathryn Jean Lopez hosts podcasts and a conference call with innovative leaders in the faith community. During Holy Week and Passover NRI focused our programming on honoring the holidays since most of our friends and supporters were self-quarantining and unable to visit their place of worship. We hope that you will join us virtually for these forums, which are taking the place of the many events that we host across the county. Learn more HERE

NRI Book Club

Join us for a virtual book club featuring Up from Liberalism led by NRI fellow Jay Nordlinger. NRI supporters at the $250+ level are invited to read along and join us for four exclusive book club calls with the author! Learn more HERE

NRI Movie Club 

Twice a month, NRI hosts a movie club call where supporters can watch or rewatch a selected movie and then join a discussion led by NRI fellows Kyle Smith and Kevin D. Williamson. Learn more HERE

1955 Society Conference Calls

Each month, National Review Institute hosts a 1955 Society conference call to provide our members across the country with a special opportunity to engage with NR‘s top talent.

Due to today’s challenging circumstances, we’ve had to postpone many events across the country. But we are as committed as ever to bringing you important content from today’s leading conservative thinkers.

Over the next several weeks, we will host additional conference calls and invite supporters at the $250+ levels to join us. These calls are a virus-free way to hear from NR writers and editors as they discuss the latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic and break down the economic and political consequences of the crisis. We’ll also, as always, be featuring NRI fellows on their recent articles and big-picture ideas.

Podcasts from NRI Fellows

Click here to learn more about podcasts featuring NRI fellows on a variety of topics!

NRI’s Youtube Channel

We encourage you to check out NRI’s Youtube Channel for footage of past events and conferences, including our Ideas Summits, WFB Prize Dinners, debate series at Old Parkland, 2018 Regional Seminars, and more!