National Review Institute (NRI) was founded by William F. Buckley Jr. in 1991 to advance the conservative principles WFB championed and complement the mission of National Review, including by supporting and promoting the magazine’s top talent. National Review Institute is a qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. NRI’s EIN is 13-3649537.

With your tax-deductible contribution, you are tangibly partnering in a nationwide effort to promote the principles of a free society.

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Important notice regarding COVID-19:

All across the country, and especially here in New York City where we are headquartered, concerns over the Covid-19 are top of mind. We have put systems into place that allow our employees to work remotely and our business to remain fully operational. This means for our headquarters in New York City, we will not be able to regularly receive mail and deposit physical checks.

For those of you who send physical checks from your personal accounts, we encourage you to think of virtual ways of contributing so your donation can be processed safely and efficiently. Please also be aware that donor-advised funds send physical checks, so we ask you to contact them about making your contribution in another way, if possible.

We have been thinking creatively about how we can be most efficient in processing the many generous gifts our supporters send throughout the year, which are so vitally important to our business. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention!

We would like to encourage you to consider giving to NRI through your ACH (similar to online banking) for several reasons:

  • ACH donations can be easily recognized and processed, including by employees working remotely
  • Sending via ACH eliminates the risk of donations getting lost in the mail, tampered with, or sent back
  • You can easily see when the money has been transferred from your account
  • Unlike credit card donations, there are no fees incurred on our end, so you can maximize your charitable contribution

Please know that we also accept wire transfers and stock donations.

As you keep NRI in your philanthropic plans, we hope you will consider sending your contribution online.

If you do send a check in the coming weeks, please understand that there will be a delay in cashing the check and acknowledging the gift.

Thank you for your generous support of the Institute.

Contribute by ACH, Stock or Wire Transfer

  • For information on making a wire transfer to National Review Institute, please contact Michelle Abady by phone (212-849-2806) or by e-mail using our contact form.

Contribute by Check or Credit Card via Mail

  • Please print out our donation form and mail it in with your check or money order to our New York City office (19 West 44th Street, Suite 1701, New York, NY 10036). Please note that there will be a delay in processing and acknowledging checks as our staff is currently working remotely.