NRI Book Club

Join us for a virtual book club featuring Up from Liberalism (Arlington House, 1968) by William F. Buckley Jr. led by NRI fellow Jay Nordlinger

Buckley’s third book examines the manners and meaning of American Liberalism in the 1950s. His thesis is that the leading American liberals can be shown, in their speeches and statements, in the tacit premises that underlie their words and deeds, to be suffering from a long, but definable list of social and philosophical prejudices. Up From Liberalism examines the root assumptions of the Liberalism of his era and asks the startling question: do the actions of prominent liberalism derive from the attributes of Liberalism?

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Where to find the book
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Call Schedule
Week 1
May 4 at 05:30 pm ET
Section 1 – The Failure of Contemporary Liberalism
Week 2
May 11 at 05:30 pm ET
Section 2 – The Conservative Alternative
Week 3
May 18 AT 05:30 pm ET
A discussion on what this book means today
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