2021 WFB Prize for Leadership in Political Thought: Leonard Leo and Eugene Meyer

October 21, 2021 | Dallas, Texas
Honoring Leonard Leo, Eugene Meyer, and Adam Meyerson

John P. Buser | Harlan Crow | Peter J. Travers

For his entire life, Bill Buckley sought to preserve and buttress the foundations of our free society. To honor his achievement and inspire others, NRI’s Board of Trustees created the William F. Buckley Jr. Prizes for Leadership in Political Thought and Leadership in Supporting Liberty. Notable public intellectuals, philanthropists, and leaders in the conservative movement attend this marquee event to show support for our honorees, Bill Buckley’s enduring legacy, and the National Review mission.

The 2021 William F. Buckley Jr. Prize for Leadership in Political Thought was awarded to Leonard Leo and Eugene Meyer for their consequential leadership of The Federalist Society. Over the past four decades, The Federalist Society has reshaped jurisprudence toward a responsible adherence to our Constitutional framework. The support and cultivation of lawyers committed to the principles of a free society and a limited constitutional government has been crucial to protecting American liberty under law. Further, in a political environment hostile to civil discourse, The Federalist Society fosters open debate and discussion of important legal topics for students and professionals across the country.

Watch the full acceptance remarks below:

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