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About the National Review Institute 1955 Society

National Review Institute’s 1955 Society carries on Bill Buckley’s tradition of asking friends of National Review and the Institute to contribute generously to help advance the conservative cause to which he dedicated his life. Thanks to the selfless generosity of so many, that help has allowed NRI to grow its educational and outreach programs in quality and scope, complementing NR’s mission.

Such transformative generosity is an investment in the mission of NRI to preserve and promote the legacy of William F. Buckley Jr. and advance the conservative principles he championed. To this end, NRI engages in policy development, public education, and advocacy, accompanying NR’s efforts in print and online to scale back the aggrandized state, to enhance free markets, to defend liberty, to break the Left’s monopoly on the academy, to reinvigorate our passion for American Exceptionalism.

Investments are made by investors. The good people who invest in the National Review Institute, deserve a return, and actual involvement with these historic institutions Bill Buckley founded.

The National Review Institute 1955 Society (which pays tribute to the year of National Review founding) is the right structure for seeing this borne out. Through the 1955 Society, our friends will have a discernible, real, and level-based means of interaction with NRI’s leadership, Fellows, and NR’s best talent, its editors and writers. This chart provides a list of membership levels and exclusive benefits. For more information please contact Meredith Bogacz, Director of the 1955 Society, by phone: 212.849.2838 or by e-mail:

Membership Levels

Annual Contribution

Benefits (Aggregating at each level)

Affiliate Member


Lapel pin, certificate, book, Invitation to select NRI Events

Full Member


Priority access to cruise invites, exclusive cruise events, invites to regular conference calls with writers and NRI fellows



Recognition in special annual spread in the magazine, participation in monthly conference calls with writers and editors



Name on NR magazine masthead, invitation to 2017 NRI Ideas Summit, quarterly conference call with the editor



Framed copy of original November 1955 issue of NR (limited to one time); invitation to annual board dinner
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The National Review Institute is a non-profit organization designated under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and contributions to it are deductible for income, gift, and estate tax purposes.