Richard Brookhiser

Richard Brookhiser is a senior fellow at National Review Institute, a senior editor of National Review, and a columnist for American History. He is the author of, most recently, Give Me Liberty: A History of America’s Exceptional Idea (Basic Books, 2019), and host of “John Marshall: The Man Who Made the Supreme Court,” a film by Leo Eaton (summer 2020). His other books include John Marshall: The Man Who Made the Supreme Court (Basic Books, 2018), of Founders’ Son: A Life of Abraham Lincoln (Basic Books, 2014), and of seven other books on revolutionary America: Founding Father: Rediscovering George Washington (Free Press, 1997); Rules of Civility: The 110 Precepts That Guided Our First President in War and Peace (University of Virginia Press, 2003); Alexander Hamilton, American (Simon & Schuster, 2000); America’s First Dynasty: The Adamses 1735-1918 (Free Press, 2002); Gentleman Revolutionary: Gouverneur Morris, the Rake Who Wrote the Constitution (Free Press, 2004); What Would the Founders Do? Our Questions, Their Answers (Basic Books, 2007); and George Washington on Leadership (Basic Books, 2008). He is author and host of two films for PBS by Michael Pack: Rediscovering George Washington (2002) and Rediscovering Alexander Hamilton (2011). He was the historian curator of “Alexander Hamilton: The Man Who Made Modern America,” a 2004 exhibition at the New-York Historical Society. In 2008 he was awarded the National Humanities Medal.