2020 End-of-Year Fund Appeal

As the calendar winds down to the final days of 2020, we hope you will consider National Review Institute in your end-of-year charitable giving.

In this critical year, we need your support for our Fellowships and educational programs that continue to defend the great principles of limited self-government and to honor the timeless values of Western civilization.

As part of our End-of-Year Fund Appeal, a few of our trustees penned wonderful letters advocating for our work. In case you missed them, I would encourage you to read their enthusiastic endorsements of our work below.

A Small, Efficacious Helm
By  |

Amongst fierce winds, the small helm of National Review Institute is the indispensable leverage point for our great principles.

A Mighty Endorsement

Buckley’s words are a sobering reminder of the immense task before us.

In Defense of Capitalism

We must capably defend the call of the entrepreneur, the vitality of capital markets, and the nobility of free enterprise.

Substance over Soundbites

We believe that thoughtful, long-form journalism is especially needed in this age of Twitter.

The Right Kind of Journalism

Students must be encouraged to recognize and honor truth and to reject and battle its opposite.

Don’t Lose Sight of Culture

By  | December 28, 2020
Manners, morals, and decent politics stand or fall together.


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Thank you for your generous support!