Whittaker Chambers Award

The Whittaker Chambers Award was recently established by NRI’s Board of Trustees to honor a “profile in courage” at each biennial Ideas Summit. The Whittaker Chambers Award is named for the former National Review writer and author of the seminal memoir Witness who was a profound influence on the modern conservative movement in its founding era. The Chambers Award was created to recognize conservatives and friends of liberty who, like Chambers, show great courage and diligence in the face of undue and coordinated public enmity and criticism. This conduct may occur in a single defined episode or over the course of a career. The Award will also recognize those who distinguish themselves by seeking justice while being opposed by hostile institutions.
Congratulations to the 2017 Whittaker Chambers Award recipient, our good friend, Daniel Hannan, British MEP, who was honored at the 2017 Ideas Summit for his bravery and leadership in spearheading the Brexit movement. 

















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