Celebrating the Life and Legacy of the Founder of the Conservative Movement

This February marks ten years since William F. Buckley Jr.’s passing. On this decade anniversary of his death, National Review Institute will celebrate Buckley’s revered life and legacy by hosting half-day forums in cities across the country that reflect on WFB’s accomplishments and his tremendous legacy. This is a special opportunity to bring our friends and supporters together to reminisce about Buckley, and to be inspired to fight for the conservative movement he worked so hard to establish. We hope you will join us for our half-day forum this spring, which will support our efforts to preserve and promote the Buckley Legacy.

On February 27, we are hosting a special forum here in New York City to mark the exact anniversary of his passing. We cordially invite you to join us as our guest for this special, invitation-only event. National Review Institute is hosting this forum at the New York Yacht Club, which we feel is an appropriate place to celebrate and remember WFB, who among many things, was an avid sailor. The program will run from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm, and will feature panel discussions on WFB, the conservative movement, and National Review, after which we will convene for a cocktail hour.

For this event, we are pleased to offer sponsorship opportunities. Sponsors will have the option of bringing guests to the general forum, and will also receive one invitation to our private dinner for our closest friends following the program at 6:00 pm. We look forward to toasting WFB throughout the dinner and hearing from those who knew Bill – professionally, and personally. It will be a lovely evening of discussion, reflection, and—in Bill’s honor—music. We hope you will join us for this important forum, and consider supporting our efforts by becoming a sponsor. 

This half-day conference series is a part of NRI’s Buckley Legacy Project, which protects, promotes, and enhances the consequence and ongoing influence of our founder—William F. Buckley Jr. Launched in 2015, The Buckley Legacy Project is designed to make Buckley’s work on crucial, relevant topics accessible to our supporters, friends, and allies within the conservative movement. Through the Buckley Legacy Project, NRI promoted the republication of The Unmaking of a Mayor, partnered with the Hoover Institution to honor Firing Line’s Golden Anniversary, and has held several book events and discussions that further examine and remember Buckley’s honorable legacy.


L. Brent Bozell III • Richard Brookhiser • Dr. Edwin Feulner
Jack Fowler • Jonah Goldberg • Kathryn Jean Lopez • Richard Lowry Jay Nordlinger
John O’Sullivan • Ramesh Ponnuru • Reihan Salam and more…

2:00 PM: Registration
2:30 PM: Panel Discussions on WFB, the Conservative Movement, and NR
5:00 PM: Cocktail Hour

Please register for the forum below or contact Alexandra Zimmern Rosenberg at alexandra@nrinstitute.org. Space is very limited. 


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