Brian Bolduc

Brian Bolduc was an NRI Buckley Fellow in 2011.

“On my first day at National Review, our publisher, Jack Fowler, scurried me through a maze of cubicles, plunked me down at an open desk, checked my computer for signs of life, and said, ‘Make yourself at home!’ It’s been a wild ride ever since.

Immediately, Rich Lowry sent me on the campaign trail all over New England: a senatorial debate between Richard Blumenthal and Linda McMahon in Hartford, Conn.; a meet-and-greet with Sen. Scott Brown in Lincoln, R.I.; a surprise press conference with gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker in Boston, Mass. After the elections, I covered the race to replace Michael Steele as chairman of the GOP on the reporting blog, RNC Watch. My beat culminated in attending the RNC election itself with its backroom deals, whispering campaigns, and thumb-cramping blackberries. In between the horse races, I’ve gotten to pursue my own ideas, including interviews with two of my favorite presidential biographers, Ron Chernow and Edmund Morris.

But what I’ve enjoyed most over the past year is getting to know my colleagues, especially the newest additions to NR: Matthew Shaffer, Katrina Trinko, and Andrew Stiles. It’s a privilege to learn from the greats, but it’s also a blast to trade war stories with your fellow newbies. NR is keeper of the conservative flame, and this fellowship will help insure that there will be people to tend to it in the future.”

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