NRI Fellows

The NRI Fellows are a distinguished group of voices who play a vital role in NRI’s mission of educating the public and promoting conservative principles. Each of them brings years of experience and expertise to the Institute. They headline our Regional Partnership Events, serve as guest interlocutors at our Regional Fellow dinners, and mentor our William F. Buckley journalism fellows. We are also working to build new programs around their particular areas of interest and expertise, including promoting the intellectual heritage of America and the West; defending freedom in Eastern and Western Europe; advocating the Constitutional separation of powers and resisting its abuse by our current government; and reviving the Buckley legacy of faith-based cultural transformation.

Regional Partnership Events

Part of NRI’s mission is to “draw from and support other conservative institutions.” In that spirit, in December 2013, NRI began this initiative to co-sponsor events with state-based think tanks, civic groups, and other educational organizations across the United States.

Regional Fellows Programs

The goal of NRI’s Regional Fellows program is to introduce succeeding generations to the conservative movement’s most important thinkers, institutions, and writings, and to build a network of talented, like-minded individuals who can assist one another professionally and personally for years to come. Originally known as the NRI “Washington Fellows,” the program has been conducted in Washington, DC since 2009. In February 2014, with a new curriculum and new focus on mid-career professionals, the renamed Regional Fellows program expanded to New York City. In September 2014, NRI launched a chapter in Dallas, Texas and more chapters are in development.

William F. Buckley Jr. Fellows in Political Journalism

William F. Buckley Jr. nurtured two generations of conservative journalists. His enormous legacy includes scores of conservative editors and writers. The annual Buckley Fellowship for Young Journalists is a unique opportunity for a recent college graduate to work as writer/reporter with National Review for a one year term.






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