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Reporters Shouldn’t Just Parrot Misleading Statistics

It would hardly be International Women’s Day without a speech from an elected official repeating the mistaken notion that American women still suffer under systematic discrimination in the workplace as evidenced by the statistic that women, on average, earn 77 percent of what men earn.

Yesterday, President Obama included this statistic during his remarks to celebrate International Women’s Day: “The statistics of inequality are all too familiar to us — how women just earn 77 cents for every dollar men make.” This was dutifully parroted by those covering the event, including Dan Robinson’s Voice of AmericaContinue Reading

Forbes Should Inform Women, Not Convince Them They Are Victims

Over on, Jenna Goudreau writes about top paying occupations for women: a list that includes pharmacists, computer scientists, doctors and surgeons, financial managers, and human resource specialists. It’s a fairly upbeat article which provides helpful information about some of the sectors that women might want to focus on, if earning more money is their goal.

But throughout the article Goudreau repeats the presumption that there is a “gap” between what men and women earn, even in these top professions for women. She writes “women’s earnings remain stalled at around 80% of men’s” without noting any … Continue Reading

The Press Parrots Misleading Equal Pay Day Rhetoric

Tuesday April 28 is the feminist invented pseudo holiday, “Equal Pay Day,” so prepare yourself for a rash of misleading articles about systemic workforce discrimination against women. One such article was already released by the Associated Press on April 23, in anticipation of an event being today to mark the occasion.

As almost all of these articles do, it parrots Equal Pay Day planners press releases without providing readers with almost any context or critical analysis:

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney will join cultural and civic leaders to mark Equal Pay Day on Friday and push for passage of the state’s

Continue Reading