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WaPo Green Washes China’s Emissions

China makes inroads on emissions the headline over Juliet Eilperin’s September 13th Washington Post article reads. Eilperin goes on to report:

In the United States, many politicians are reluctant to impose mandatory curbs on heat-trapping gases, fearing a political backlash. But the Chinese government has begun to make some inroads into its greenhouse gas emissions by holding accountable local and provincial officials - as well as the nation’s top 1,000 emitters.

The rest of Eilperin’s article makes it seem like China has fully embraced the climate alarmist agenda. She reports: “[China] has set a more ambitious target for the next decade, pledging to cut its carbon output per unit of economic activity between 40 and 45 percent by 2020.”

What Eilperin fails to tell readers is that China is also clearly priortizing economic growth over any climate concerns. As The Heritage Foundation’s Nick Loris reports: “To say that China is moving away from fossil fuels and towards a green energy economy is misleading, especially when coal provides 70 percent of the nation’s energy and 80 percent of its electricity. It is projected that China’s coal capacity will nearly triple by 2030.”