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Whither Conservatism? November 19, 2008
Cosponsored by
National Review Institute & Hillsdale College

The New Domestic Policy Landscape
Moderator: Mike Franc, Heritage Foundation
Panelists: Jim Manzi, National Review; Yuval Levin, Ethics & Public Policy Center; Kim Strassel, The Wall Street Journal;Heather MacDonald, Manhattan Institute

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Heather MacDonald asks a preliminary question confronting conservatives: should
we be designing solutions to match every liberal solution or crafting a message of
individual responsibility? She updates the audience on the issues of crime and
welfare dependency.

Yuval Levin talks about the need to address new challenges including energy and
the environment and globalization. Levin warns about the threat government-run
health care poses to the conservative idea.

Kim Strassel emphasizes the need to appeal to minority and female voters and
discusses the economic agenda conservatives ought to embrace.

Jim Manzi highlights middle class income stagnation as a major problem and
offers interesting new ways to approach both education and immigration reform.

The Coming Foreign Policy Debate
Moderator: Rich Lowry, National Review
Panelists: Andrew McCarthy, National Review; Paul Saunders, The Nixon Center;
Frederick Kagan, American Enterprise Institute

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Andy McCarthy talks about the problems with the democracy agenda and offers a
pessimistic assessment if our freedom requires freedom around the world.

Fred Kagan and Paul Saunders debate the post-invasion strategy in Iraq and the
defense needs of the future. Kagan calls the desire to rely on international
bodies for international stability magical thinking.

"The Great Depression and the New Deal: Lessons for Today"
Burton Folsom, Hillsdale College

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In his informative and entertaining address, Professor Folsom corrects widespread
misunderstandings about presidential responses and responsibilities for the Great
Depression. Read more about it as engaged audience members resolved to do: the
professor has a recent book, New Deal Or Raw Deal?: How FDR’s Economic
Legacy Damaged America.

Conservatives, the Culture, and the Court
Moderator: Kate O’Beirne, National Review Institute
Panelists: Maggie Gallagher, Institute for Marriage and Public Policy; Ed Whelan,
Ethics & Public Policy Center; Jeff Bell, Ethics & Public Policy Center

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Maggie Gallagher reports on the successful campaign for Proposition 8 in California
and alarms the audience with her analysis about the threat posed to religious liberty
by the same-sex marriage agenda.

Jeff Bell discusses how integral social conservatism is to the conservative coalition and
Ed Whelan defines liberal and conservative views on the proper role of the judiciary. He
offers a preview of judicial confirmation battles to come.

The Future of Conservatism
Moderator: David Brooks, The New York Times
Panelists: Ramesh Ponnuru, National Review; Jonah Goldberg, National Review; Ross Douthat, The Atlantic; Gene Healy, CATO Institute; David Bobb, Hillsdale College

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On this lively panel, Ross Douthat outlines the traps conservatives face and warns
about the effect of family breakdown on conservatisms future.

Jonah Goldberg and Ramesh Ponnuru examine the alleged divide between
traditionalist conservatives and reformers while Gene Healy makes an
entertaining case for libertarians and David Bobb advocates for the founders
fundamental principles.

Each speaker offers a single conservative solution to a current big problem.